This will be a rather simple restaurant review, much like the one we wrote for Oskar on Soi 11 back in August. The food is great here, as are the prices, so go to Wine I Love You now and start eating. Anything.
The four items you see pictured here represent a recent dinner we enjoyed at Wine I Love You, a relatively new place on Soi 26 close to Rama IV Road. It’s in a big new development whose name we never caught because there were so many signs everywhere and we weren’t sure what was what but it’s huge and you can’t miss it and besides, Wine I Love You is right on the soi itself.
It’s a big  place capable of seating over 300 people both inside and out and it’s beautifully decorated. The people who own it have two others — in Minburi and Bangna — and also own Gulliver’s on Soi 5 and in Khao San Road so they’re quite experienced and know exactly what they’re doing. And that is serving a huge menu of food to people at great prices. And to top it all off, the food is delicious. 
The seared tuna (top photo) is fresh and flavorful, the foie gras (center) is perfectly cooked and complemented beautifully by the sauces and garnish, the ribs (lower right) are tender, moist and tasty and the Salmon Zaap I love You (below right and yes, the name is strange) is spicy, and also delicious with the raw salmon cooked just enough by the acid in the dressing.
The menu has well over 200 items including everything from Mexican to German sausages, pasta, steaks, burgers, Korean and Asian food, Thai and there must be some more that we’ve forgotten. Your biggest problem here is deciding what to order.
And the wine is also very good as the house wines even were of good quality — we sampled a cabernet and a chardonnay —and at a good price. 
So what are you waiting for? Go there now and start enjoying yourselves like we did. You won’t regret it.
Wine I Love You, Soi 26, 088-696-3100