Zak’s, on Soi 11, is a great example of a restaurant that started off slowly when it first opened but gradually came into its own over time. It’s taken a number of months for this process to unfold but it’s been worth the wait as the complicated elements that make up a good restaurant have come together here in a very satisfying way.
A recent visit attested to this as the food, atmosphere and overall buzz about Zak’s left us in a contented state of mind by the end of the night. Perhaps the wine contributed to this as well, but it was certainly secondary.
First off, the decor here is both elegant and yet not stuffy as you still feel comfortable in any of the settings — from the dining room or the beautifully designed bar to the balconies or front garden. Each has a slightly different feel to them although they are all comfortable and inviting.
Then there’s the food, as prepared by Chef Albert, an American native with a penchant for traveling around that has left him with some interesting culinary influences. 
These many influences have left him with a varied approach to food and flavors and it has also provided him with the ability to make flavorful food that is also light and healthy. We tried a pizza with rocket on top and crab cakes from the tapas section of the menu, among several others, and both of these dishes illustrate this point. The pizza was Zak’s Special and in addition to the rocket it also had pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, feta and artichokes. The crab cakes were not deep-fried and had some cole slaw and homemade bread for them to perch on. Both dishes were light, delicious and unique. And unique is also a good word to describe the whole dining experience at Zak’s.
Zak’s, Soi 11, 02-651-0214