When you're in need of a fix or just a big pile of good-tasting meat, the Zombie Burger is the way to go.  Make from an assortment of meats, cheese, sauces and whatever makes your taste buds water, a zombie burger will fill you up for hours.  Here is my take on the Zombie Burger, it's been a blast searching for the best recipe, and here is what I have found.

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First of all, meat, meat and more meat …

Ground beef made into patties, I love my burgers spicy, so add lots of spice to these

Sliced corned beef, pepperoni, ham, turkey, lamb, chicken, whatever tickles your fancy, all these can be sliced, fried, baked or whatever

Don't forget the bacon, lots of bacon.  I love to put brown sugar on my bacon when it is about half cooked, for a yummy sweet maple flavor.   I also found a recipe that said to cook with vanilla and cinnamon, another yummy flavor.

Fried eggs

Mac and Cheese                                                                     

Cheese: monogamy jack, cheddar, sharp cheddar, blue cheese, American sliced.  Melt your cheese over the hot burgers.

Bread: nice thick bread, plain or lightly toasted.

Now don't forget the sauce, this can be a fun experiment, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, ranch, thousand island, just browse through your fridge and pantry, have fun mixing and matching these and others until you get a zingy flavor you love.  The fun of cooking is trying new things.

If you like veggies, don't forget some, especially lettuce, tomatoes, olives, pickles, onions, etc.

Now construct your sandwich form the plate up.  Add your first slice of bread, start stacking your ingredients, after you have your zombie burger stacked high with all the tasty ingredients, throw on your last slice of bread, throw more bacon, mac and cheese and sauce on the plate, now you have made your zombie burger, enjoy.

After stuffing yourself with a great zombie burger, make sure you're totally prepared for a zombie apocalypse, don't forget to make a zombie survival kit or get one at.   Is there a possibility of a real zombie virus, for many years people have wondered if this could happen, some say no it never will. When I started to research this more as a joke than anything, I was totally surprised by all the information out there and the many different scenarios' that could be possible.